Malina Suliman makes graffiti on walls of Kandahar

Malina Suliman

Malina Suliman (Source:

Malina Suliman makes graffiti on the walls of Southern Kandahar (Afghanistan), a country which is considered to be the most dangerous place for women.

According to an article posted on Green Prophet, this brave female artist “finds inspiration in Southern Kandahar, birthplace of the Taliban and one of the most dangerous places in the world. She aims to change the cultural environment through sculpture and painting that depicts the challenges of her war-weary generation.”

Born and raised in Kabul, Suliman studied Art in Pakistan at Art Council Karachi. She is now working for the promotion of arts and culture in her native province where she faces many challenges. In the war stricken neighbourhoods where she works, she faces mixed emotions from the population as her subject is aftermath of war, chaos and suicide bombings.

Afghan artist Malina Suliman paints graffiti on a wall in Kandahar city

Afghan artist Malina Suliman paints graffiti in Kandahar city (Photo credit:Reuters/Ahmad Nadeem)

Malina Suliman’s personal website is vibrant and gives a peek into her art works. Her work has attracted not just negative attention from Islamist groups and the Taliban but also positive attention, for example from the Afghan capital, Kabul. President Hamid Karzai invited the young artist to his palace last year.

You can see her work here.

Source: Green Prophet

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