Videos from the rally to support the DCO Layyah and EDO (Health)

Three videos from the rally on 20 september 2010. I made these videos when Layyah city’s business community and doctors association decided to show solidarity with the DCO Layyah, EDO (Health) and the Christian Nursing School principal who was threatened to leave her post or face severe consequences.

First, Dr.Khalid Naeem (District Health Officer) of Pakistan Medical Association Layyah district talks about external, political reasons for the strike, unrelated to the original demands.

Next, A Layyah district representative of the Pakistan Medical Association mentions the nurses should have chosen a different way to protest, if they just wanted their demands met.

Last, but not least, Dr. Gulzar Siratey condemns the involvement of some media and political representatives in matters of the layyah nursing school.

All videos from 20th September 2010

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