Workshop: Gender Equality and e-Skills Gap at WSIS Forum 2016

WSIS CC panel

Photo Credit: Diana Eggleston

I am proud to have chaired a thematic workshop on gender digital divide and digital inclusion for financial and social empowerment three years in a row. This year’s workshop focused on the e-Skills gap and how The Code To Change is bridging this gap.

We championed the message of inclusion of women and girls in the digital economy through bridging the skills gap at the WSIS Forum 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. The event was attended by 1,800 participants from 140 countries, including 85 ministers and 250 high-level representatives. ChunriChoupaal has been championing the message since WSIS+10 High Level Forum 2014 and we are proud that our contributions to the process were noted in the outcome document which was adopted by the UN General Assembly last December.

Other issues that were covered in the workshop were following:

• The role of women technologists and local community leaders in bridging the gender e-skills gap
• Bridging the e-skills gap through mentoring to enable women to access opportunities in the ICT sector
• How a multi-stakeholder approach can contribute to better solutions for digital inclusion and women’s economic empowerment
• The policy makers’ perspective on barriers to the empowerment of women in the digital age

More detailed information can be viewed at the organisation’s website. [Link]

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